Perks of Moving to a Senior Living Community Before Winter


We are all familiar with the unpredictable nature of Minnesota winters. A fresh blanket of snow is pretty, though the harsh elements and other factors can make wintertime a tough season to endure, especially as we age. For anyone looking for a simpler and more relaxed lifestyle, Southview Senior Communities has your answer. Keep reading to discover the perks of moving to a senior living community before winter.

No More Wintertime Home Hazards

Winter weather can be dangerous, even if you’re just going out to check the mail or grab the paper. Add clearing the driveway and shoveling the sidewalk or steps to your winter to-do list, and the reality of potential injury becomes even more real.

Just about everyone has likely slipped on ice or a frozen patch of snow. But the older we get, the longer it takes our bodies to recover and the more brittle our bones become. Falls could lead to bruises, soreness, injuries, broken bones, or even a hospital stay.

When you move to a senior living community, we take care of all the winter work. You or your loved one can maintain the same independence in a safe and comfortable environment without the worry of falling on the ice or the hassle of shoveling snow.

Health, Safety, and Wellness

In addition to handling all the snow- and ice-clearing duties, life in a senior living community has other health, safety, and wellness benefits, too.

Going out is inevitable — trips for groceries and supplies, doctor or eye appointments, or for entertaining outings. Winter driving can be treacherous, though, even for the most skilled motorist. The slightest encounter with black ice or other slick spots can cause cars to run off the road or into one another.

The good news is that a senior living community offers transportation services that can safely transport residents to and from shopping, appointments, events, and activities. What’s more, many of the on-site amenities scale down the need to go out for many of the necessities. The Southview Communities are equipped with modern conveniences, such as:

  • Hair salons
  • Movie theaters
  • Pubs and bistros
  • Fitness centers and classes
  • Libraries
  • Game rooms
  • And so much more

Residents can find so many of the things they enjoy within the community and avoid the need to go out in the cold, blustery weather.

Additionally, senior living communities have skilled nurses and medical personnel onsite should any issues arise. The experienced Southview Senior Communities staff is trained to assist with a variety of needs and illnesses, assuring you or your loved one’s safety and well-being around the clock. Our team also keeps residents current with any medications and vaccinations, helping to maintain overall health and wellness right on campus.

Community Involvement

Because of mobility and travel dangers, many seniors find it difficult to be social and involved with activities in the winter. That seclusion from family and friends can lead to feelings of solitude and loneliness, which can adversely affect well-being.

Moving to a senior living community provides you or your loved one the opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and be part of, well, a community. Our Southview Senior Communities offer regular activities, events, and outings, all of which allow residents to socialize, exchange stories, engage with others, and participate in programs with those who share similar interests.

With so much going on, residents are less inclined to feel bored, alone, or depressed. Community rooms and dining rooms are often great places to meet new friends or strike up interesting conversations. At all our Southview Senior Communities, many seniors maintain active lifestyles and are more engaged than ever before.

Are You Ready to Move In?

These are only some of the perks of moving to a senior living community before winter. You’re sure to discover so many more once you’re settled into your new Southview Senior Communities home. With 14 locations around the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, finding a comfortable, safe, and relaxing place to call home is easier than ever. Contact us today with questions or to schedule a tour at one or more of our communities.